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Command Your Social Network With Culture Expert Extraordinaire Jason Treu – Episode 173

Number one best seller on Amazon, Jason Treu is creating value and connecting with others everywhere he goes.

Jason Treu is a Business & Executive Coach and Leadership & Culture Expert. He is known as ‘The CEO’s Secret Weapon’ and will help you to discover your true potential, influence others and inspire those who surround you.

Get in the right room and join a mastermind group. Let go of the outcome and external validation. Be authentic and pivot when necessary, then things could really take off.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Be successful on purpose by tapping into your social wealth skills and social capital. Do it well and be consistent.
  2. Be sure to connect with the movers and shakers. You need to take the time to get involved socially. Join groups where you can give first and receive later. This will give you so much value.
  3. Influence others by sharing your story—listen and connect. There are so many lessons to be discovered. Your team wants to be successful. Share with them who you really are by telling your story.

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