CEG Worldwide In delivering solutions to financial advisors and the institutions that serve those advisors, CEG Worldwide takes a unique approach, one that sets us apart from all other coaching programs. Our proprietary empirical research combined with the expertise and experience of our highly successful principals has allowed CEG to develop cutting edge, data-driven programs and strategies to keep our clients ahead of the competition and at the forefront of the industry. CEG Worldwide: a step beyond best practice.
Strategic Coach Strategic Coach is an organization run by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Dan Sullivan had been a one-on-one entrepreneur coach for 15 years before he met Babs Smith, and together they decided to create the company that today is able to reach a large audience of entrepreneurs anxious to move upscale. Strategic Coach shares with entrepreneurs the same philosophy, concepts and tools that have allowed it to prosper and grow with coaching clients looking to find greater success and freedom for themselves, and more value and satisfaction for their clientele.
Genius Network Genius Network is a one-of-a-kind enterprise which connects high-achieving entrepreneurs, industry innovators, and best-selling authors to help them grow their businesses ten-fold. The collaborative and creative environment forged by this exceptional group helps participants identify current problems, discover new opportunities and find solutions that may be right there in front of them. One great idea shared in this unique, innovative forum may make the difference for you, too, transforming even the most stagnant and cumbersome work place into the simple and elegant business you desire. Join some of the world’s smartest and most successful entrepreneurs who are in on the secret: Genius Network®.
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