Merchant Processor And Extreme Adventurist Brad Weimert Is Raising The Bar For 8-Figure CEO’s – Episode 188

As a true entrepreneur, Brad Weimert’s ventures look to combine business with pleasure. His ultimate need for the extreme outdoor experience has fueled the passion for his company adventure business. Brad is also supporting his dream with his merchant processing company, EasyPayDirect, currently serving 60,000 merchants worldwide. Check him out here!


Olympic Gold Medal Champion John Naber Brings Practical Applications Into Complex Real-Life Experiences – Episode 187

Once you realize your dreams are achievable, you will then be able to strategically implement them into action. Mimic those who have gone before you. Take hold of your best self with John Naber and his eight steps to awakening the Olympic champion within!


Multiply Your Revenue With Top Inspirational Business Coach Allison Maslan – Episode 186

As a top woman entrepreneur who inspires, Allison Maslan is taking her clients to the top and creating true fulfillment for all stake holders. Take advantage of Allison’s influential approaches and bring your business to the next level.


Thrive’s Creator Cole Hatter Makes Money Matter In Life And In Business – Episode 185

Explore the knowledge transfer and take your company to the next level with Cole Hatter’s five actionable steps. Put yourself on the fast track and make a difference.  Cole Hatter is doing just that!


Vickie Sullivan Is Transforming Thought Leaders, Positioning Them For Top Of The Market Outcomes – Episode 184

Get clear on your end game with Vickie Sullivan and her incredible messaging tactics and branding abilities. You won’t want anyone else!


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