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Mike Paton Reveals Why The Entrepreneurial Operating System® Just Works – Episode 220

As award-winning speaker and Chief Visionary Expert for EOS Worldwide, Mike Paton is taking on the holistic approach of conducting effective operating systems for small businesses.

The EOS Model™ provides six fundamental components visually illustrating how to manage any business. In this short podcast, Mike divulges these six key drivers and how they will strengthen and simplify the vision of your company.

Jump aboard the EOS traction-train for a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools.

Book of the Day


  • EOS Worldwide – Get a Grip on Your Business with the Entrepreneurial Operating System


  • Steve Covey – Six Ways to Help Your Organization Be More Inclusive

John’s 6 Key Take-aways

  1. Leverage your tools and resources ensuring you have clarity while doing it.
  2. Implement your key drivers and make adjustments when things are not working correctly.
  3. Get clear on your process.
  4. Create traction.
  5. Run your meetings effectively.
  6. Have the right people on the bus working beside you.

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