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Dan Sullivan on How to 10x Your Life and Business – Episode 3

In today’s episode, Strategic Coach founder Dan Sullivan shares why 10x growth is actually easier to accomplish than incremental growth.

Dan says technological intentionality, coupled with the 10x Mindset, allows you to truly achieve exponential growth in your business.

And while he has been coaching entrepreneurs for 4 decades, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. In fact, in 1978 he experienced divorce and bankruptcy on the same day!

But how do you get back on your feet after something like that?

Dan says it starts with a simple change in mindset. He chose not to see these events as negative experiences at all, but rather as tremendous transformations.

Dan goes on to suggest that you should, every 90 days, tell yourself you’re going to eliminate 3 things that don’t add to 10 Xs growth. Likewise, every 90 days you can add 3 things or reinforce 3 things that you’re already doing.

In other words, you essentially eliminate those things that deprive you of energy and increase those things that increase your energy. When you do this quarter after quarter, year after year, you will begin to experience 10 Xs results.

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John’s 3 Key Takeaways

  1. The 10X Mindset – The ability to think in the future, not in the past. To work on what’s broken but invasion what’s possible.
  2. The ability to express gratitude. The WinStreak app Dan created helps to facilitate this process.
  3. Focus on your strengths…don’t waste time on your weaknesses

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