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Elizabeth Saunders Improves Your Baseline By Creating Your Base Schedule – Episode 101

Having problems with time management? Missing appointments? Forgetting deadlines? Join time coach and trainer Elizabeth Saunders on her quest to better budget your time and help create your base schedule.

As founder and CEO of Real Life E Time Coaching, best selling author Elizabeth Saunders helps you to achieve an ownership mindset by taking control of your time and your life. With Elizabeth’s expertise and unique skill set, you will identify your time debt, define your ideal allocation of time and create your base schedule. Don’t miss out!

App of the Day

  • Evernote – The workspace for your life’s work

Book of the Day

Insight of the Day

  • Maximize your return on investment and learn how to delegate strategically to save time and minimize administrative duties. Let go of activities which give you minimal value. Rather pursue your more high level activities as habits or rituals.



John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Take control of your life by adopting the right business mindset. Seize the opportunity to achieve a simple and elegant life. Build businesses that will make a difference in the world.
  2. What are the major time debts? Improve your baseline by creating your base schedule.
  3. Set up automatic time investment then maximize your return on that investment.

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