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Converting Clients To Raving Super Fans With Purdeep Sangha – Episode 194

We all want marketing apostles. And the only way to get these, is to convert clients or leads into superfans. Purdeep Sangha is putting processes and systems into place so you too can experience your superfan clientele.

Purdeep Sangha is founder and chief experience officer of Sangha International. His main goal is the fundamental foundation to his entire process; client experience. This will not only allow for client retention but also referrals—the key to unlocking your future!

Book of the Day

  • Super Fans: – How to Create Unwavering Customer Loyalty



John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Create superfans and make sure you have the right people who are aligned with the right culture.
  2. Lead by example recognize that you are on stage. Its all about the processes. Put theses systems into place. If you leave it to chance its not going to happen.
  3. Make sure you are listening to the marketplace and what the values are for services and products. Be clear on what you are providing and create super fans converting them into clients.

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