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Dan Carlin, MD Is Pioneering The Telemedicine Concierge Business To Brand New Levels – Episode 174

The power of full engagement is necessary when wanting to make huge changes in the market. Stay on top of your health and continue to experience tremendous energy with Dan Carlin and his telemedical clinic.

Dan Carlin is a Physician and founder of WorldClinic, a concierge telemedicine company providing 24/7 healthcare. This innovative online service is on the cutting edge of how the medical industry will change in the future.

As a proactive, non-conventional, health physician, Dan is for the proliferation in the new age of individuals and their families. With World Clinic, you get medical care when and where you need it.



John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Health is so important for all entrepreneurs, use this criteria and assess your own family situation.
  2. You have a responsibility for all your stake holders to be fully engaged and sustain the amount of energy you need to be your best. With the help of WorldClinic, see how you and your family can be impacted.
  3. As you make more and more money in the marketplace, you have a responsibility to keep yourself healthy. Take action and have a plan to stay fit and stay fully engaged.

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