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Emmet Scott Makes the Dentist Fun for Kids Branding an Experience That’s Changing the Industry – Episode 56

Forming many strategic alliances and powerful partnerships, Emmet Scott has the firsthand experience and background to understand why partners align and how such alliances relate to serving clients well. Currently serving 80,000 professionals in seven dentistry practices, he shares his magic and experience.

Emmet Scott is CEO at Community Dental Partners with skills in accounting, marketing and financial planning, both in law and dental services. With vast experience in many facets of entrepreneurial business and in life, Emmet shifted his professional interests to business consulting, launching the radio show, “The Entrepreneurial Life: How to Automate Your Business.” The success of this show resulted in his current passion: redesigning the dental industry.

Emmet believes wholeheartedly in the power of partnering with others to become more successful. He thinks that by having the right team working with you, you will break through the “ceiling of complexity,” creating great strategic partnerships and balance within your company.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Business is business; however, looking outside your industry can be beneficial and productive for your own.
  2. You want to understand the partners with whom you align because it will help you serve your clients more effectively and efficiently.
  3. People love great experiences. Why not make the trip to the dentist a magical one?

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