Navigate The Waters Of Book Publishing On A Budget With Julie Broad – Episode 199


Become the ‘go to expert’ with your newly published book. Julie Broad and her book launching company will help guide you towards navigating this experience head on. It will simply amaze you!

Julie Broad is President at Book launchers. Her reputable skills and goal oriented ideas have led her clients into accelerating their success on many levels.

Publishing your book will ultimately be your defining moment, tell your story and make your presence known.


  • Book Launchers – Launch Your Book: Book Publishing On A Budget For Non-Fiction Authors

John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Its so easy to dismiss old school marketing. You can stand out with books and have complete freedom to do this.
  2. I encourage you to get a team together and write your story, if needed higher a writer. Don’t waste anymore time; write your book.
  3. Print versus digital. Make sure you have a printed copy of your book not just digital. Your book will help you to have a clear call to action and be used to accelerate your success.

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