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Nick Unsworth Outlines Best Marketing Practices In Facebook For All Budgets – Episode 54

Discover the power of custom audiences. Ramp up your social media on any budget and create tremendous business value. Nick Unsworth is a cutting edge social media marketeer, a kick ass business coach and keynote speaker and application creator. Honing in on a single media tool, Facebook, Nick will demonstrate how your business can attract more of the clients you love—with less time and money.

His first business venture led him on a mission to find more cost effective ways for entrepreneurs to market themselves. Through this life adventure, he learned the importance of internet marketing and strategies, thus landing him where he is today.

By utilizing Facebook, Nick realized he could not only market himself but also help other entrepreneurs in a similar fashion. For Nick, this was the more tangible path that had clear, concrete results. Through Facebook, you can attract leads into your business, create a lifetime of value for your clients, and really nurture those relationships. Clearly, Nick found his niche.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Narrow your niche and get focused. Use the power of Facebook’s demographics and identify the Facebook pages where your niche market is landing.
  2. Run and launch Facebook ads. Make sure the advertisements are congruent with the content on pages in which they reside.
  3. Be seen everywhere! Be a ubiquitous force within your niche. Utilize the power of custom audiences. Automate what you can, always follow up, and lastly, convert it.

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