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Sally Colocho Reveals Team Building Tactics and Focuses Your Radar to Engage the Right Expert – Episode 58

When you are focused on team building within your business, do you also take into account the importance of individual strengths as they influence further opportunities? Do you have the savvy to hire the right expert to take your business into new markets and inject new energy into your teams?

Sally Colocho, the Chairman of the Board at deciBel Research, Inc., has applied her industry expertise to support RF (radio frequency) modeling and simulation for U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO), and currently helps to solve defense system challenges through the creative application of new and emerging technologies. She is a pioneer on reprogramming systems that exist in her field in different software languages, she has started and grown her own businesses, and she has extensive experience within successful niche industries. Sally shares with you her knowledge of entrepreneurial business, the importance of teams and team building to entrepreneurial success, and the secret to hiring the expert who can make the critical difference in your success.

A key to any success story is finding that niche individual which will lead to huge benefits for you, your teams, and your company. Sally Colocho not only knows the importance of hiring the right person for the job, the expert, she also understands the critical importance of teamwork and team building processes.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Keep your eyes open for opportunity.
  2. Find and hire the expert who will take your teams—and your business— to the next level.
  3. Focus on team building: understand the critical connection between individual strengths and talents, and successful teams.

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