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Vickie Sullivan Is Transforming Thought Leaders, Positioning Them For Top Of The Market Outcomes – Episode 184

Get clear on your end game with Vickie Sullivan and her incredible messaging tactics and branding abilities. You won’t want anyone else!

Vickie Sullivan is CEO of Sullivan and Associates, Inc. As a top marketing strategist for professional speakers and thought leaders, Vickie is transforming professional speakers, B2B firms and thought leaders to specialize their branding and punchline messaging.



John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Story telling is all out there. Your audience wants to understand what’s in it for them first—what are they going to get out of the experience and, really, why they should attend?
  2. Tie your abilities and offers together with a theme. Avoid the tendency to over complicate and overwhelm the end user. If you can, be strategic in thought leadership by using speeches, books and whitepapers. The benefits are so critical in setting you apart from your peers.
  3. Create the right conditions for ‘packing the house’ by bringing in other top strategic partners. If your target audience sees you in a large room with other top entrepreneurs, it can create the buzz that makes all the difference.

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