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With Hurricane-Force Brainstorming Sessions, Eliot Wagonheim Adds A Razor-Sharp Competitive Edge To Business – Episode 169

Moving organizations forward with expert counsel and advice, Eliot Wagonheim provides the kind of legal insight and no-nonsense solutions for clients to make quantum leaps in success.

Eliot Wagonheim is principal at Wagonheim Law. As a strategist, educator, lawyer and writer, Eliot acts as a sounding board advocate to improve organizational leadership within companies. Since beginning this new venture, Eliot has done very well by doing extremely well by others.

With his entrepreneurial drive and unique set of skills, Eliot has facilitated company retreats that dramatically improve team dynamics and result in more productive, purposeful and profitable working environments.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Make it easy for clients to get what they want. Focus on making your product or services simple and elegant. Look through the eyes of your best clients so you can make a huge impact for both you and your company.
  2. Create a venue for your clients to collaborate on work projects, spend time socializing and energize and invigorate the work environment. Host events that really engage your clients and provide the WOW that ensures lasting relationships.
  3. Make yourself distinctive by looking outside of your industry—where you can get some of the best ideas.

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