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Jayson Gaignard on Accelerating Success by Joining a Mastermind Group – Episode 16

Jayson is founder of MastermindTalks, Mastermind Retreats, and The Early to Rise Podcast. Recently, he launched the MastermindTalks (MMT) podcast as well.

After building a 6 million dollar business in four years, Jayson essentially lost it all and found himself over $250,000 in dept. The story of how he pulled himself up and started over again is nothing short of inspiring.

Jayson’s “Sacred” Moment

  • Jayson’s business sold and resold concert tickets online. He was living the 4-hour work week. With all the time and money on his hands, he started asking some difficult questions. Subconsciously, he began pulling away from his business and neglected it in the process. Eventually, he found himself with no cash flow and $250,000 in debt.

Jayson’s Big Breakthrough

  • Jayson’s big breakthrough came when someone gave him a ticket to see Seth Godin. Seth was talking about the Connection Economy. It was at this event that Jayson realized no group is as disconnected as entrepreneurs. He started with planning dinners that brought together entrepreneurs who didn’t know each other. This eventually led to an event with Tim Ferriss.


  • Jayson is most passionate about doing business with the kind of people he would have over for Sunday dinner. He loves being around brilliant entrepreneurs.

App of the Day

  • Dropvox – It’s an iPhone app that takes your voice memo and brings it into Dropbox. Jayson shares the folder with his assistant who then transcribes it for him.

Book of the Day

Insight of the Day

  • Jayson has discovered that one common trait among successful entrepreneurs is awareness. Awareness as to where they allocate their time, where their priorities are, their finances, etc. They know where their strengths are and they work in them, outsourcing their weaknesses.


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Never deal with a problem alone, personal or business
  2. The importance of focusing on relationship marketing
  3. Go join Mastermind group

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