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Aaron Hinde on How to use Social Media with Engaging Quality Content – Episode 80

Social media exists everywhere we go. Want to be successful at it? Aaron Hinde is. Find your target market and engage your audience with quality content.

Aaron Hinde is president of LifeAid Beverage Company, Inc. He has found that marketing his beverage with skill and authority in a target market has given him accelerated entrepreneurial success. Having had a positive impact in his company, Aaron has explored the need for engaging content in order to build his audience. According to this type of market research, there are ways to monetize social media. LifeAid Beverage Company is not selling a drink, it’s selling a lifestyle. This distinction is important.

The key for success in this particular type of business is finding concentric circles then scaling up. Focus on the top line and driving sales. You want to test the small dollar amount and let the market tell you what is working. Believe in the data from your research and use it to your advantage.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Focus on top line and driving sales, let the market tell you what is working
  2. Think outside the box, do not try and compete with the big players
  3. Believe in data and use it

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