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Kevin Thompson Reveals How to Become a Successful Joint Venture Jedi – Episode 79

Kevin Thompson is the Joint Venture Jedi. Over the past seven years he’s collaborated with other entrepreneurs in joint business ventures bringing in over 13.5 millions dollars. Still going strong in several successful collaborative projects, Kevin’s insights and one-of-a-kind process will help you gain—and sustain—huge success.

In today’s episode, Kevin explores his simple six step process developed for joint ventures. He describes each step in detail and how it applies to specific situations. He begins with the mindset of active appreciation. His six step process will assist you to expand your marketing platform and grow your business in a powerful and extremely profitable way.


  • “Your network is your net-worth. Surround yourself with good people.” -Unknown

Book of the Day

Insight of the Day

  • Listening to your clients and actively appreciating them is really a life-style. Do yourself a favor and remember the “law of reciprocity.” This will allow you to succeed in ways you never thought imaginable.



John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Active appreciation is really a mindset; it’s a lifestyle. Actively appreciate your clients, your future clients and your peers.
  2. Strategy session will help you to clarify your prospective clients’ goals to move them forward. There are five questions involved here, and remember to make it all about them. Don’t solve their problems right away.
  3. Then schedule a follow up call, transcribe your recording of your conversation and playback what you heard them say. Serve them if you feel this opportunity will accelerate their success and always remember to over deliver.

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