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Cathy Davis on How Staying On Your Side of the Line and Delegating Can Accelerate Success – Episode 13

Cathy Davis loves finding the best, most helpful solution to every puzzle.

Cathy Davis seems to be everywhere at Strategic Coach®. As one of two people who directly support Dan Sullivan, she manages projects, is a program designer for the Strategic Coach® Program, and even likes to be on hand to connect with participants arriving for their workshops.

It’s a role she’s evolved into since starting with the company in 2001. To her, these disparate jobs make sense because they share a common theme: being useful by solving puzzles. “I just like fitting pieces together,“ she says, “and sometimes I’m the piece.”

Life Intrudes

Cathy realized at one point that projects were falling through the cracks. She and her leader, Dan Sullivan, decided that, for their relationship to work, Cathy needed to learn to “push back” when the workload bordered on unmanageable and Dan needed to learn to give her permission to do that.

Book of the Day


  • Today, Cathy is passionate about working with Dan and all of their associate coaches on the Strategic Coach program and what will be included and utilized in the workshops.

Insight of the Day

  • Cathy’s says to “stay on your side of the line.” Find your sweet spot and stay there. Do the things that only you can do and delegate everything else.


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. The 80/20 rule. As entrepreneurs, we’re not responsible for doing 100%. We need to be willing to bring in trusted project managers to help carry the load.
  2. Understand the difference between Project Managers and Process Managers. You need both.
  3. Stay in your lane!

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