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Clint Arthur on The Art of Creating and Leveraging Celebrity in Business – Episode 33

Clint Arthur is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and a successful entrepreneur with over a decade of experience running his own gourmet food company.

He is also the #1 Bestselling author of The Greatest Book of All Time, The Last Year Of Your Life, Daddy Loves You, Break Through Your Upper Limits on TV, and What They Teach You At The Wharton Business School.

His famous personal transformation experiences, keynote speeches, and frequent appearances on Network TV and syndicated radio shows inspire millions of people to live larger, more intensely, and with more impact on the world.

Life Intrudes

  • Clint got into a raw diet in an attempt to heal his injured knees. This included raw butter, none of which could be found in the US. He was frustrated, but his frustration led to his forming his first company.


  • Clint is extremely excited about Celebrity Launch Pad where he teaches you how to be better than any publicist there is. He all but guarantees to get you on TV.

App of the Day

Book of the Day


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Do not underestimate the power of celebrity
  2. Media outlets are desperate for content…leverage that
  3. Take the video interviews you accumulate and repurpose those to gain additional interviews

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