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Kevin Rogers Reveals A 60 Second Formula Derived From Stand Up Comedy To Get Your Marketing Message Out – Episode 135

Kevin Rogers, direct marketing copywriting guru, entrepreneur, online business and sales consultant, and one-time stand-up comedian, at one point made a career change. The rest is history.

It happened when he discovered how a simple joke formula could be used as a powerful marketing hook. And he began teaching it to marketers.

In today’s interview Kevin shares the techniques that entrepreneurs all over the world have used to skyrocket their profits and grow their businesses at record pace. Also discover keys to what may be an entrepreneur’s greatest strength: Using the power of your own story to connect better with customers and compel them to take action.

App of the Day

  • Voxer – When You Can’t Text

Book of the Day


  • Copy Chief – “It’s like having all the best copywriters living right next door…”


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Learn the connections between direct marketing and stand-up comedy. The best story, like the best joke, always wins.
  2. Recognize that your job is to inspire your stakeholders to action. It’s critical that you have a story that connects you emotionally to your teams, and to your customers.
  3. As an entrepreneur you have to write effective copy to connect meaningfully with your message. Use Kevin’s 60-second sales formula to achieve powerful, professional results that audiences will want to share.

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