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David Engel Adapts And Reinvents His Business Model To Find His Way To The Top–By Embracing Change – Episode 136

Join today’s interview as David Engel reveals his secrets to staying on top of an industry as it evolved around him, and how to prepare for and overcome the inevitable exponential changes that will confront your business.

When his own company lost its competitive edge he asked himself, “How can I be different and add value in a way that others cannot?” He found an answer. Today, as the owner and chief innovation officer at Innovative Graphics, David Engel markets the creative genius and industry savvy he acquired over thirty years in the print business. His remarkable story gives pause to entrepreneurs who may have thought the business they are in today is the one from which they will retire.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. As entrepreneurs you have to differentiate and make yourself a leader in your market. Embrace change. Continue to reinvent yourself to stay ahead of the curve.
  2. The ability to adapt and change in today’s business climate is increasingly dependent on relationship marketing. Take advantage of trade shows and other industry conventions to build networks, stay abreast of innovation and refocus market awareness. Maintain close ties with those you serve and build connections in your marketplace.
  3. Set goals that will provide direction, motivation, fiscal discipline and confidence in the face of change. Take advantage of the expertise, know-how and industry savvy that experience has provided. Market your intellectual property.

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