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Richard Wilson Commands His Niche In Wealth Management Serving The Affluent And Their Families – Episode 137

Creating the first platform focused on ‘The Family Office’ industry, Richard Wilson is managing solutions and providing leadership in this niche market.

As CEO of The Family Office Club and best-selling author, Richard Wilson takes a holistic approach in influencing and controlling his industry. Specializing in family office wealth management, he has been able to provide unique expertise, best practice solutions and market leadership—earning over $10M a year in revenue and offering fellow entrepreneurs a model of successful niche market execution.

Utilize Richard’s insights and business model to take command of your niche by identifying and attracting the centers of influence in your market.

Book of the Day


  • Family Office Club – #1 Family Office Association Providing Conferences, Training & a Family Office Database


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Attract the top clients and work with the top people in your industry so many magical things will happen.
  2. Develop the business model and value proposition that will ensure success in your niche market—360 degrees. You don’t have to command the world, but it’s critical to stand out as a top competitor in your niche.
  3. Don’t take capital unless you need it, and don’t take it early. Make sure you have advisors who are invested in creating capital. Build capital for your quality of life and maintain.

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