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David Berg on Transforming the Healthcare Industry – Episode 46

Redirecting healthcare seems like an impossible task. Hear how David Berg has applied what he has learned from his life, career and customers and then adapted the system to better fit their personal needs.

David Berg saw a problem and wanted to fix it. He asked himself, how could there exist a system with healthier employees while simultaneously reducing the cost of healthcare. By listening to his customers, he was able to get the feedback he needed to deliver the best client experience.

Growing up in Toronto then moving to Arizona, David was able to see two different major healthcare systems. Realizing that he wanted to redesign his own healthcare system he became Cofounder/CEO of Arrowhead Health Centers & Chairman of Redirect Health. Here, he was able to launch his career ultimately transforming the healthcare industry.

Big Breakthrough

  • In wanting to transform the current health care system, David’s very key thing is to think the unthinkable. Trying to understand that the experts aren’t always going to be aligned with the entrepreneur. Meaning that you can use them for their knowledge but don’t let them make the decision for you.


  • David is focusing all of his efforts toward his current business called Redirect health. Here, he has been able to reach out to other businesses and communities sharing his simple three step approach.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. It is impossible to be a great consumer of health care, the system is not designed to support an increase in productivity and reduction of cost
  2. Think strategically, don’t get caught up in the extras
  3. Build consensus with high performance teams

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