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David Chavez Empowers and Aligns Business Teams To Scale Up—Way Up! – Episode 125

David Chavez empowers entrepreneurs and their teams to transform cumbersome, overly complex strategies and systems to simple and elegant solutions. Join this interview to discover how with the right tools and resources you, too, can scale up—way up!

David Chavez is a successful C.P.A., an entrepreneur who has started, grown and sold five companies, a highly regarded business consultant, and a certified coach in the Gazelles system, a proven, structured approach to developing and executing strategy. Currently as founder of Assured Strategies, he coaches client entrepreneurs looking to improve, refine and execute their business models. He understands what leaders do to make companies successful, and what they do to fail.

For entrepreneurs looking for the right tools to refine their strategies, this interview is well worth watching.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Think of the cash flow as it exists in your business and relates to each of the “valleys of death” mentioned in the video. Take the steps with your teams to ensure that cash is always available when it needs to be. Use the forms available to better understand the cash conversion cycle as it relates to your business.
  2. Speed up your business cycles. Adopt strategies to avoid lag and overlap that straps cash and stymies growth.
  3. Eliminate costly mistakes. Work on your business model so that you can better support the growth that you want.

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