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John Corcoran Shows Entrepreneurs How To Connect With The People Who Matter For More Income And New Clients – Episode 126

John Corcoran understood early the importance of having the right connections to build and grow a successful business. Take advantage of today’s interview to discover 5 essential keys to relationship marketing. Forge the relationships and build the network you need to attract new business and accelerate ROI.

John Corcoran is a highly successful entrepreneur, attorney and writer, the founder of Smart Business Revolution Podcast, and a leading expert in the field of networking and relationship marketing. In his own varied, remarkable career, he has recognized the single most important marketing engine to the entrepreneur is relationships. Today he shares valuable insights into how to make it work for you.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Critical to building a network and forming strategic relationships is the right mindset. Be positive, open and optimistic. Generate a “conversation list” which identifies those people you think will benefit from a relationship. Then follow through.
  2. Seek out and attend events designed to draw professionals together (mastermind groups, etc.). Plan to engage in at least three conversations which could be to your benefit. Then follow up on the connections you have made.
  3. Networking relationships depend on reciprocal exchanges of mutual value. The incentive to build relationships may be initially based on what you can get; they last and endure because of what you can give.

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