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Paul Bigham Reveals Game-Changing Lessons To Consider When Delivering A Direct Response Marketing Campaign – Episode 127

Matching needs and resources: “That’s all marketing is,” says Paul Bigham. As an entrepreneur the marketing challenge doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you listen to one of the most successful thought leaders in the industry. Paul achieves excellent results by adhering to a familiar mantra: “Keep it simple.”.

Even as a boy, knowing his customer well gave Paul the chance to provide excellent client service in exchange for excellent client referrals, in this case an introduction to the girl that would become his wife of 47 years. What he learned as a young boy, consumer behavior, has found rich opportunity in his current venture, one of the most successful marketing agencies in the country today, Bigham Agency, Inc.

Join the conversation to discover five essential principles of successful marketing that serve any entrepreneur.


  • “Don’t tell me it’s good-looking. Tell me it moves merchandise.” – Tom Esler
  • “If you really want to help the poor, don’t be one of them.” – Dan Sullivan

Book of the Day

Insight of the Day

  • “Just make it easy to let people do what they already wanted to do.” – Paul Bigham.



John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Know your clients. Truly understand those you chose to serve.
  2. Know the numbers. Successful marketing depends on using data effectively. Surround yourself with the talent to achieve the marketing goals you have set out.
  3. Meet complex challenges with simple and elegant solutions. Join a mastermind group to share the vital insights that are moving your industry. Stay ahead of the times.

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