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Kevin Buckler Took Twenty-Five Years To Become “An Overnight Success”– Episode 128

Kevin Buckler recognizes great entrepreneurs change over time as their experience and expertise evolves. You can be as successful steering the ship as you may have been driving the car.

Kevin Buckler is a highly successful entrepreneur whose talents, interests and expertise are expressed in two distinct but equally successful ventures: The Racer’s Group, TRG Motorsports (the most successful privateer racing team in professional sports car racing) and most recently TRG-AMR at the head of the Aston Martin Racing program for North America; and Adobe Road Winery.

In each enterprise Kevin applies the same painstaking attention to detail and commitment to excellence that allow them to stand apart from their competition. His powerful back story and rise to the top provides a primer any entrepreneur should take to heart.


  • “It’s always tempting to climb a little higher, but make sure your ladder is firmly in the ground.” – Kevin Buckler


  • Motor sports, wine-making and the opportunity to combine them by hosting great client events.

Insight of the Day

  • At the end of every day ask yourself this question, “Have I done an excellent job, and how could I have done better?” Regardless of the answer, you’ll sleep better, you’ll learn from your experience and you’ll take greater satisfaction in your work.


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Build a team. Surround yourself with talented people who share your vision, your work ethic and your passions.
  2. Always over-deliver, regardless of the event. Relationship marketing begins with a great client event which sets you apart and seeds new client relationships. Build your network and surround yourself with professionals looking to share great ideas and resources.
  3. Remember that it’s an endurance race. Don’t get too caught up in the highs and the lows. Take care of your health. You have to have the energy to do the job.

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