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Isaac Jones Draws On His Medical Expertise To Maximize Entrepreneur Performance – Episode 129

Isaac Jones promises two outcomes to entrepreneurs who skyrocket their health through his cutting edge high performance hacks: “Get more done in less time…Transform your energy, focus and flow.”

Isaac Jones is an entrepreneur, a highly sought-after international speaker and health guru, and the founder of three successful companies including SuperhumanEntrepreneur.com. Discover the simple, sustainable keys to limitless body, mind and spirit both for yourself and your teams.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to enlighten and engage yourself, your families and your stakeholders in a new day of health and prosperity. This remarkable interview will explore top of mind essentials to energize your company and accelerate productivity.


  • “Access high performance, skyrocket energy and increase productivity and watch your influence and income impact multiply” – Isaac Jones


  • His passion is to see his clients’ health and life transform through easy yet cutting edge, sustainable health solutions, to apply his experience and education to maximizing the health, longevity and productivity of those he serves.
  • “My goal is to help maximize the health of people around the world and save them from believing the lies that the media and Big Pharma perpetrate…My team and I are committed to creating scientific step-by-step health systems and strategies customized to an individual’s needs to help prevent disease, lose weight, increase energy, decrease the aging process and maximize their overall life experience.” – Isaac Jones

App of the Day

  • Muse – Monitor neuro-feedback to assess levels of stress in real time by using the app and headband together
  • Calm – help you to meditate, sleep, relax and much more

Book of the Day

Insight of the Day

  • Traditional western medical practice is designed to treat symptoms of disease, not so much the sickness itself.


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Beware of the energy vampires! The most important resource of the entrepreneur is not time but energy. Optimize your energy, productivity and your health by adopting proactive, sustainable habits. The rewards to your company and your teams are huge.
  2. Be proactive is assessing your own health and that of your business. Find out where your deficiencies are, educate yourself and take steps to address them.
  3. Adopt the lifestyle consistent with your health goals through diet, exercise, stress management and sleep. Avoid prescriptions that treat the symptoms but ignore the sickness.

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