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David Kekich Explores Seven Key Factors To Accelerate The Anti-aging Process For Phenomenal Results – Episode 145

Revolutionizing health care and improving longevity by accelerating biomedical research is just one of David Kekich’s world changing contributions to society. Check out how his team’s discoveries through artificial intelligence and marketable research have changed the conversation about aging, causing us to re-think the challenges and possibilities of life after sixty-five.

A recognized leader in human longevity science, David Kekich is president and CEO of Maximum Life Foundation, a corporation dedicated to the study of human aging and age-related diseases. In addition to many other passions in life, David has achieved remarkable results by applying science to the problem of aging. Along with many of the world’s leading researchers, David has developed a scientific road map to actually reverse the effects of aging.

Join today’s podcast and discover how to improve your health, extend your life and productivity, and experience longevity with unprecedented quality.

App of the Day

  • WinStreak – Take charge. Start a new habit. Get on a WinStreak.

Book of the Day


  • Maximum Life Foundation – Where Biotech, Infotech, and Nanotech Meet to Reverse Aging by 2033
  • SciCog Systems – Accelerating Biomedical Research with Advanced Artificial Intelligence.


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Healthy nutrition is critical when it comes to personal well being and longevity. Refrain from excesses in diet and unhealthy food choices, and exercise with focus and intensity.
  2. Work with someone who understands your blood chemistry for the purpose of supplements.
  3. Take charge of your life today if you want to have a healthy and rewarding future. Your lifestyle choices, minimizing stress and keeping a positive attitude all contribute to your future and what it will hold.

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