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Dr. Donna Galante Succeeds In Reinventing Her Professional Life One “Millimeter” At A Time – Episode 144

As an Orthodontist with the leading top 1% of all revenue in North America, Donna Galante is able to pivot and make game-changing decisions even when the market fluctuates.

Donna Galante is CEO at The Galante Group and facility member at Align Technology. With over 28 years of practicing Orthodontistry, she continues to succeed at every corner.

Her mantra is, “to work smarter, not harder”. This alone has allowed Donna to focus on and refine her skills of personal and professional development and cutting edge leadership marketing. Find out now, here!

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. As an entrepreneur recognize the problem as soon as you see it, don’t wait until it begins to effect you negatively. Make changes right from the beginning and examine the whole process.
  2. Look at where you are delivering value. Work smarter not harder. Work on the business not in the business. Get focused on those key drivers.
  3. Focus on your client services even if you are virtual. Where can you make little changes that do not cost so much?

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