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Tucker Max Establishes Credibility And Authority With His Step By Step Book Writing Process – Episode 143

Tucker Max is a Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur and NY Times Bestselling Author. With his Company, Scribe Writing and team of professionals, Tucker is generating books for entrepreneurs like you, worldwide.

With his step-by-step procedure, Tucker will help to position your book as a multi-purpose marketing tool with credibility. Within 12 hours of working with Tucker and his team, you will have your goals outlined and the beginning stages of your book established.

What better way to engage and market yourself than with a book! Check out Tucker’s client testimonials and details of procedures on how to move forward and become an authority within your niche.

App of the Day

  • Vivino – Never Pick Another Bad Wine
  • Slack – Be Less Busy

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Maybe you have started the process and just haven’t finished. Books can have such a big win for you and your company.
  2. If you want to be the go to authority within your niche then get really clear on your goals. This can be a life changer. We are in a capitalist market, the more value you are able to bring to more people the better off you are.
  3. There is nothing like a book to get your message out and bring value to you and all your stakeholders.

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