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Alex Charfen Leads The Charge With High Energy As A Top Consultant In Decade-Long Engagements – Episode 142

Alex Charfen is lowering pressure and noise by asking for protection and support. Check out his solutions on how to make businesses grow AND keep them around.

Alex Charfen is a serial entrepreneur, CEO, speaker and author. Having owned an international consulting firm, Alex is strategically creating momentum and flow with high-performing entrepreneurs and their businesses. Focusing largely on small business owners, he combines unique consulting skills with hard lessons learned for incredible outcomes.

App of the Day

  • A pen and a piece of paper – To connect mind and body with pen and paper at the pace in which we think will ultimately change the intention for our lives.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. We are momentum beings. Recognize and leverage the flow. You may get knocked down, but you must get back up and reenter the flow to gain momentum within the right environment—and with the right team.
  2. Like all entrepreneurs trying to make a difference, at times you will be misunderstood. You are not alone. Just continue to create value and don’t get caught up in the small stuff.
  3. Most entrepreneurs have an addictive personality and accept failure way too quickly. Make sure to protect yourself. Create some framing so you don’t fall into the trap. Just because you are different does not mean there is something wrong with you.

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