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Paula Abreu Leverages The Right Metrics In Building A Career Where Wealth Coexists With Happiness And Well-Being – Episode 141

Paula Abreu, owner, promotional speaker, writer and high performance coach at Escolha Sua Vida, practiced law in the petroleum industry for fifteen years—until a downsizing event changed everything—for the better.

Today’s interview features her rising star as she turns losing her high profile legal position into an opportunity that didn’t require she sacrifice personal happiness and well-being for success. She followed her passion and transformed her life.

Join us for the remarkable story of a new kind of entrepreneur, a woman who executes innovative strategies expertly to achieve almost overnight success, accomplishing one of the most successful launches ever: in 7 days 7 figures.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Critical to your success whatever your business is the quiet confidence you need in your own abilities, in your products and services, in your vision, and that you’re able to inspire action for your clients. Maintain that mindset in all that you do.
  2. Be conscious each day of the abundance that surrounds you and be grateful. Avoid the “scarcity” rhetoric and cynicism that drains us of energy, ambition and resolve. Take the time each day to reflect on those things, even and especially the small things, for which you are grateful. Learn to forgive the past. Don’t allow past experiences/injustices to linger unnecessarily.
  3. Maintain confidence in your message and consistency in its application. Resist the temptation to change direction when business slows.

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