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Dexter Guerrieri Dominates The NYC Town House Real Estate Market – Episode 112

Entrepreneurs, take note! Dexter Guerrieri’s internationally recognized sales style and captivating presence is not to be missed. In NYC’s richest real estate market his formula has worked wonders, securing the highest sales prices annually for six of the last 10 years.

Dexter Guerrieri, president, founder and co-owner of Vandenberg, Inc., currently dominates Manhattan’s West Side real estate townhouse market in quality sales and reputation. Original in both sales methods and his exclusive personal touch, Guerrieri has achieved an unparalleled rate of success among all agents in his niche in quantity sold and prices obtained.

His passion, his sales formula, and his vision are clearly present when discussing and describing these unique and most exclusive properties to clients prepared to make the investment. Dexter Guerrieri is Manhattan’s townhouse expert.


  • One of Dexter’s personal passions involves creating and finding a sense of community within a place, giving it structure and balance to truly define its importance.

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  • Evernote – The workspace for your life’s work

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Insight of the Day

  • Create a team… It’s not about star sales people; it’s about long-term team playing.



John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. The client experience starts from the very first interaction. It’s about providing the right information so potential clients can make informed decisions. It’s also about scaling up, putting technology to work, finding your niche and taking massive action.
  2. Create rich content and data mine it. Having a small, engaged audience is more powerful than trying to connect with random masses.
  3. Have the right team members ready to execute, even when you are away from the business. Improve on your own quality of life by taking the time. Make sure you have the ability to leave your own business and have it run its course, successfully, without you involved.

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