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Jordan Harbinger On How To Drill The Well Before The Thirst Begins – Episode 113

Are your products and services commoditized? If so, everybody knows that already. What’s going to make you stand out from the crowd to offer clients an experience they will remember? Join John Bowen and Jordan Harbinger here in today’s interview to find out how to differentiate yourself and your business to become a truly high performance player.

Jordan Harbinger is co-founder of The Art of Charm, Inc. As an expert in the art of social dynamics, applied psychology and interpersonal relationships, Jordan has provided clients with the skills necessary to building strong and effective connections in life and work, leading to deeper personal and professional friendships and lasting respect from peers, colleagues and clients.

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Insight of the Day

  • Build relationships beforehand and use them to put leverage behind your network or services. Don’t wait until you are ready to launch the product.



John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. In today’s world you have to make yourself intriguing and distinctive; it’s no longer just your product you need to promote. Potential clients and customers are looking for a personal connection in their transactions, and a commitment from companies who stand behind their products and apart from their competition.
  2. Work backwards: Develop a personal connection or relationship with potential clients first. Then do business. This will make a world of difference.
  3. As a high performer, don’t think you can just out-perform your competitors. Embrace your vision, build the high quality of life you aspire to, and be successful on purpose. Then focus on relationships. Remember the law of reciprocity. Give people what they want, value and service, and they will give you their business.

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