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Jason Fladlien on How to Spot Trends, Pivot and Execute for Huge Rewards – Episode 74

As entrepreneurs, it’s essential you develop skills in spotting trends in the market and discovering useful tactics that can be used to your advantage as you move forward—if you want to stay ahead of your competition. Jason Fladlien shares how he’s become a highly successful strategic player within the marketplace by doing exactly that.

Jason, CEO of Rapid Crush, began selling products on the web in 2007 and has rapidly become one the nation’s best online marketing entrepreneurs. Discovering trends in the market and recognizing how he might take advantage, Jason gets the results he wants by utilizing certain rhythmic strategies. In one impressive accomplishment as a sales affiliate, Jason sold 11 million dollars in only 14 days.

With a few well-chosen examples, Jason explains his strategy of fine tuning and pivoting when necessary to take advantage of what he sees occurring in the market. He knows that if he can identify trends before they unfold he will be ahead of the curve, sensing what his clients will need even before they do. Focusing on market trends and the behavior of the mainstream populous, Jason achieves accelerated success to truly stands out from the crowd.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Make sure you invest the time and attention to spot trends in the market. Target the buyers of what you are selling and understand what the results will be to your business. Figure out where, when and why they are becoming disillusioned, and lead the charge.
  2. Put together a strategy on how you are going to deliver a great client experience for current customers, as well as attract a steady stream of future prospects. Be original in your application of tactics: you don’t want to look like everyone else.
  3. When you nail it, scale it up. Use your available resources—and be venturesome.

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