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Jim Palmer Formulates Multiple Streams Of Revenue And Will Make Your Dream Business A Reality – Episode 192

Push away the walls and kick down the doors to revitalize and restore your dream business. Jim Palmer is thinking big for small businesses, creating a better quality for you and all your stake holders.

Jim Palmer is making new waves as an online business and marketing coach, author, and talented speaker. With tremendous insights in the ‘how to’s’ of formulating your business into a dream business, Jim is determined to provide you with value and the keys to being successful on purpose.

Book of the Day

  • Just Say Yes – Create a Dream Business and Live Your Dream Lifestyle



John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. We are in business to create a better quality of life not only for ourselves but for our enlightened self-interest. We have people who rely on that self-interest: our clients, customers, teammates, shareholders and family members.
  2. Be successful on purpose. Adopt Jim Palmer’s five key takeaways: delegate, differentiate, multiply streams of revenue, focus on incremental growth and exercise persistence.
  3. How do you differentiate yourself? Look to stand out among your peers through thought leadership. Rise above the crowd and attract the right clients to you. Think big, and do it bigger.

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