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The Consummate Entrepreneur, Sol Orwell Shares Invaluable Dream-Business-Building Techniques – Episode 191

Sol Orwell started his first business at sixteen, retired wealthy at twenty-two, and continues in his mid-thirties to achieve extraordinary success by applying five key insights he has learned in the process.

Sol Orwell currently is the co-founder of Examine.com, the unbiased resource for supplements and nutrition worldwide, and he also publishes a popular blog, sjo.com.

Join us today to discover Sol’s formula for building not only a great business, but how to live a great life along the way.

Quote of the day

  • “Entrepreneurship to me was always about being independent and being free.” -Sol Orwell on his reasons for becoming an entrepreneur
  • “I’ve built multiple businesses that kick ass and take names – completely unrelated fields. Leave behind the unqualified gurus who have never done it themselves. Follow SJO.com for real-life experienced advice and thoughts.” -Sol Orwell, on his blog


  • SJO.Com – Let’s skip the bullshit
  • Examine.com – Your Unbiased Source on Nutrition and Supplements


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. In business, build a brand, not your name. If your name is your business, extricating yourself is a huge headache—especially when your politics are unpopular, or you’re ready to sell.
  2. Empower your teams. Give them the chance to shine and share in building the success you hope to achieve. Draw people to your business that may be better than you and take advantage of their talents.
  3. The press, apart from what you may have heard, is your friend. The savvy business owner knows the value of befriending journalists and reporters and building partnerships through and with media.
  4. More life, not more business. Build your business to achieve the life style you want for your clients, your stakeholders, your colleagues and your family.

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