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John Evans Delivers Unique And Emotionally Engaging “WOW” Client Experiences – Episode 104

Appoint a “WOW” tzar within your company and expand your capacity for interpersonal, meaningful relationships. John Evans is igniting his business and his life by creating an upward spiral of positivity and culture for both entrepreneur and client.

As executive director of Janus Labs, John Evans does consulting for and trains top entrepreneurs globally. His expertise in practice management and development has led him to value the critical role of client/customer relationships in sustaining business success, building deep client loyalty and achieving heartfelt relationships.

Enlighten yourself by engaging in this unique opportunity to bring about a high quality of culture to your business and your service teams.


  • “Lets give ’em something to talk about.” – Bonnie Raitt
  • “The advice of the wise is like a life giving fountain.” – King Solomon
  • “Creativity and imagination is more important than intellect.” – Steve Jobs

Book of the Day

Insight of the Day

  • Outperform inter-personally and connect meaningfully and emotionally in this monetized world.



John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Engage your clients with appreciation, personal attention and distinctive treatment. Sustain a relationship with your top clients and deliver for them a “WOW” experience.
  2. Figure out how to ignite this spark (the WOW! client experience) within your own practice or company. Start the fire and then commit to getting the tools needed to feed the fire.
  3. Give your clients the WOW! experience they’ll want to share with their friends. They will help replicate their experience and continue your legacy.

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