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Feliks Golenko’s Passion For Dashboards Cuts Costs And Improves Top Line Revenue – Episode 105

Improve your bottom line with Feliks Golenko’s dashboards and reporting systems. Discover how to derive the right metrics for your business and visualize key data points for actionable insights.

Feliks Golenko is founder and managing director of MultiBase GmbH, a business intelligence agency. As an expert consultant with years of experience in designing and implementing dashboard systems, Feliks has significantly improved top line revenue for over 300 corporations.

With the right tools, quantitative data and an architect to deploy and implement, you will be able to show immediate results for what is working within your company. Start today!


  • Feliks has a great passion for dashboards, a passion rooted in the commitment to be organized and to improve company performance levels. His website, www.ilovedashboards.com, offers many relevant insights, tools and resources for you and your business to consider in designing the right dashboard.

App of the Day

  • Things – A delightful and easy-to-use task manager

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Define the requirements of your project, polish and refine your insights and pursue precision and clarity on the experience you want for your clients.
  2. Establish a system that measures metrics. Find out who your stakeholders are and implement the metrics they want. Hire an architect to work with you on this—it’s a great investment.
  3. Selecting, deploying and implementing the right tools is critical to the success of your business—and your dashboard. Create your vision—your dashboard— and teach your users how to make it work.

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