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Kathy Mauck Embodies The Next Evolution Of Fitness Training And Education For All Professionals – Episode 106

Discover an approach to overall health that will not only greatly improve your personal skills but it will dramatically improve your life. Explore with Kathy Mauck why Z-Health is the next evolution in focus training and life-long growth.

Kathy Mauck is one of the driving forces behind Z-Health Performance Solutions. She has a true desire to assure personal success by unlocking the human potential for each of her clients and stakeholders. Her unique abilities take principles and put them into action for any entrepreneur.


  • “Modern neuroscience proves to us that if you are not dead you are not done.” – Kathy Mauck
  • “The skills that got you out of Egypt are not going to get you into the promise land.” – Dan Sullivan
  • “A coach is someone who will help you see what you don’t want to see and hear what you don’t want to hear so that you can be the person you’ve always wanted to be.” – Tom Landry

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Health is number one. Don’t give up your health in your earlier years. Focus on taking daily action steps to be as close to the top of your game as you can be. Start today with the tools from Z-health.
  2. Embrace and adopt the three elements you need to be fully engaged and ready for what life throws your way: See well, balance well, and move well. Create a routine and practice these as a daily ritual.
  3. It’s okay to set goals, but you’ve got to get those goals out of your mind and put them into action. Enroll your team and take the action steps necessary to achieve optimum performance. And make sure you’re making a difference.

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