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Jordan Rodgers Takes Concierge Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching To The Boardroom With Amazing Results – Episode 197


Former pro football player Jordan Rodgers, brother to quarterback Aaron Rodgers, is currently athletic director, spokesperson and major contributor to Metpro.co, a cutting-edge web-based coaching program designed to transform clients into their “best selves.”

Combining nutrition, fitness and lifestyle approaches, the program is ideal for entrepreneurs who need structure, consistency and feedback to stay on course.

Join the podcast today and discover how MetPro may be the intervention you need to begin your best life.


  • Met.Pro – Concierge Nutrition, Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching. Become the best version of yourself, and optimize your performance in business and life.

John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. The key to a successful health and fitness program is the ability to customize its features to suit the individual needs of each client.
  2. The concierge approach which combines lifestyle coaching with health and fitness training is excellent for the entrepreneur who has given most of his time, and energy, to business.
  3. Optimum business performance begins with optimum physical, mental and emotional health. You cannot achieve that alone.

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