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Life-optimizer, Matt Gallant Provides Clients With Tools To Maximize Revenue – Episode 196

Matt Gallant wears many hats—blogger, author, inspirational speaker, practical spirituality student, life-optimizer and the— classic serial entrepreneur—currently runs 6 companies and has started many more.

Discover how the life lessons Matt experienced, both good and bad, altered his self-concept, his vision and, ultimately, fueled his passion for building the dream business and living the “limitless life.”

Book of the Day


  • MattGallant.tv – Serial Entrepreneur, Life Optimizer, Practical Spirituality Student


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Hyper-productivity requires building great teams made up of the right combination of visionaries and integrators. Offload the tasks which you find too time consuming or tedious, and recognize the importance of time management in optimizing productivity.
  2. Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health is crucial to achieving optimum productivity. Fitness is a part of the challenge, but the most important consideration to excellent health is sleep optimization.
  3. Build relationships that promote comradery, good feeling and shared experience, and that have value beyond business opportunity. Hanging out with great people, however obvious or simple it may seem, is one of the best rewards of good work.

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