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Ketan Patel Reveals How Data Shifts Make Businesses Ultra Effective – Episode 95

Make the unbelievable a reality. Go beyond the abundance of data and focus on making your business more effective—by understanding the data lens.

Ketan Patel is founder and CEO of Naya Energy, a company utilizing sophisticated analytics to help businesses measure, control and save on their energy costs. An innovative technologist, Ketan recognizes how clients leverage data to make improvements. If there is fundamental knowledge of patterns existing within a structure or model, then this can make data even more useful.

In marketing, it’s important to fully understand your audience and what they want, what Patel refers to as “behavioral marketing.” You are not only selling the product itself, you are selling the end result. Ketan recognizes his client base and those he wants to reach. Through initial processes he assures he is in sync with potential clients’ principals, goals and value systems. This alignment is fundamental to success in any business setting.

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Insight of the Day

  • The business model is as important as the solution or product you are offering. Take the time to build a systematic way of attracting the right clients or customers to you.



John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. It’s essential your primary focus be on providing great client experiences. Then implement a business model you can scale up and systematize.
  2. Raising capital: Most entrepreneurs focus on valuation and forget the importance of having capital, or that you may need to be a fiduciary. Have the right strategic or financial investors aligned to accelerate your success.
  3. Go ahead and make the right decisions: There is no shortage of data.

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