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Larry O’Brien’s Sage Leadership Sustains A Legendary Vineyard Empire – Episode 96

Join Master Sommelier, Larry O’Brien, on the quest to explore, be adventurous and to truly know the taste of success.

Larry O’Brien has established himself in the wine industry with brilliance and grace. He has guided the modernization and makeover of corporate wine programs ensuring continuity, quality and profit. As the Brand Champion for the Jackson Family Estates, he contributes to the preservation of a true legacy.

App of the Day

  • Vivino – Never Pick Another Bad Wine

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Chase your passions and understand how to leverage capital and real estate. Realize long term sustainability and ensure succession is implemented even after you are gone.
  2. Build a relationship with the local community. Have the ability to provide feedback and trust your own palate. When you enjoy what it is you do in your business every day, there is no right or wrong.
  3. Build a great quality of life—not just for your own enlightened self-interest, but for all stakeholders.

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