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Lisa Sasevich Converts Leads Into Clients With Laser-like Focus – Episode 108

Join the “Queen of Sale Conversion,” Lisa Sasevich, as she coaches serial entrepreneurs on how to get a message out without being “salesy.”

Lisa Sasevich will boost any sale by using her two part sales conversion strategy. Discover her secrets to attracting new clients and increasing profits.

As a child of transformation and change, Lisa loves possibilities. When there are decisions being made and actual transformation is happening, she couldn’t be more satisfied.

Life Intrudes

  • At age 19, Lisa’s life changed course dramatically. Her mother passed away suddenly at a time she knew she still needed parenting and guidance. Turning to self-help books and other learning seminars, Lisa’s life completely transformed and unfolded into the work she continues today.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Focus in on conversion and form your irresistible offer. Develop your own unique main dish to create an offer that is magical and alluring.
  2. Create and develop the alignment between bonuses and limiters. Scarcity is very powerful—both in terms of time and material.
  3. Take these factors to incorporate into your overall marketing—and make a powerful difference.

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