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Mary Morrissey on The Invisible Side of Success – Episode 48

There is an invisible side to everything visible. Everything is thought before it becomes a “reality”. If we can become clear about the life we want to lead, then we can take action on the ideas which will ultimately present opportunities.

With years of experience in the field of personal and business development, Mary Morrissey is recognized as an international speaker, best selling author, CEO consultant and empowerment specialist. She has the unique ability to take what is invisible and unlock the potential for a complete transformation within an individual—or a multimillion dollar company. This transformation can be accomplished by challenging the inner blueprint to how varying degrees of entrepreneurial success are generated.

Morrissey believes there are four quadrants that contribute to the success and harmony in your quality of life. These quadrants—health, spirituality, home and vocation—influence the connection between the life you want to lead versus the life you are living. Within each quadrant, there must first be a vision of your values; align with that vision then take action.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Take the time to achieve clarity of vision
  2. Prime the pump: lay out the actions to put your vision into place
  3. Manage activity levels, make conscious decisions that are aligned with your vision

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