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Dov Gordon on Marketing Helium and Getting Specific – Episode 49

No matter what color, shape or material, the balloon won’t rise to the top without the special ingredient inside: It’s the helium that makes the difference.

A successful world-class business relies on a steady stream of pre-qualified, pre-endorsed clients to sustain and grow. To attract these clients, you must implement simple yet elegant systemic processes. Dov Gordon outlines the steps on how you can begin doing this today.

Dov is a top marketing consultant and customer acquisition specialist who understands the importance to entrepreneurs in differentiating yourself from competitors, finding the right niche market, mastering the art of tactful elegant sales conversation and, consequently, attracting a steady stream of the right pre-qualified clients.

One of Dov’s biggest life challenges was learning how to talk to perspective clients about why they should hire him. Dov shares here his six step process on how to become both tactfully compelling and still provide an elegant value proposition.


  • “I wouldn’t give a fig for simplicity on this side of complexity but I’d give my right hand for simplicity on the far side of complexity.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. The Marketing Helium: It’s about what you put inside
  2. Be systemic: use an elegant and simple introduction process.
  3. Elegant sales conversation is important; provide this track and enter into what these prospective clients want.

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