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Michael Bernoff Powers Up Communication And Persuasion Methods To Expand Professional Development – Episode 181

Dominate as a leader and inspire action to multiply sales. Check out Michael Bernoff and his core four!

Michael Bernoff, president and founder of The Human Communications Institute, is inspiring clients to communicate more effectively, more powerfully, and with the courage and confidence to sustain. Join us here at AESNation.Com to experience the exponential growth of one individual’s path to boundless success.

Visualize what you are moving towards and commit to making it happen. Get more done in five days than you have in five months.


  • Michael Bernoff – Coaching Business and Personal Sales Training Speaker – Motivational Training – Seminars


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Make a commitment to yourself to visualize what it takes to move forward. Focus on more polished and practiced communication skills to achieve the self confidence and courage to execute.
  2. Be congruent and consistent in your logic. There are so many phony individuals out there—make sure you are not one of them.
  3. Realize the power in brevity. Allow for reflection and meaningful self-assessment. To be more effective is to live a more meaningful life.

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