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Steven Riznyk Advises To Keep Your Foundations In Place And Stratify Your Business Mindset – Episode 180

As entrepreneurs we all look forward to our next big challenge. Steven Riznyk employs powerful entrepreneurial tools constantly creating vertical stratification and overcoming hurdles in every direction.

Steven Riznyk is a man of many hats. His main gig as a high-level negotiator and CEO of San Diego Biz Law, is keeping his foundation strong while maintaining systems. These systems are dependent upon reaching incredible success and a high quality life-style.

Strategist, author and filmmaker, Steven is a creative, committed and opportunistic entrepreneur who does extremely well by serving his clients well—working hard while playing hard. Don’t miss this!



John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Even as you have more and more success, you can plateau or get side-tracked with challenges. Though this is normal for any business, it’s critical to recognize these stumbling blocks as opportunities. Be opportunistic, adapt and adjust.
  2. Allow yourself to be able to ‘strategically stumble’ through patches of the unknown. You will not always have the correct answer for everything. Open up conversations where there are strategic advantages—work hard play hard.
  3. Serve people well, make a difference, and build your business to support the quality of life you deserve. Be successful on purpose. This cannot be said enough.

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